When the olives, ripening on the trees, have just begun to change colour, that is the time to pick them. They are washed and soaked in a brine made of salt and water with a little lemon juice for two or three months. During this time they ferment and lose their bitter taste, acquiring delicious flavour. They are then washed again and placed in a lighter brine and packed in jars.           
To keep them fresh, they are pasteurized.




In this case, unlike olives in brine, the olives are picked at the time of maximum ripeness and are placed in ovens to dry. As the water they contain evaporates, they lose their bitter taste. They are seasoned with chopped parsley, garlic, hot peppers and salt and placed in jars, covered with oil. Also our marinated olives are pasteurized to preserve them.

Production: about 2.000 jars.

Duration: about 2 years.

Packed in: small glass jars of 500 gr. and 300 gr.
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