This is a vinegar that requires very special, laborious processing. The blackberries are picked and pressed for their juice, a small portion of which is placed in cold storage to prevent it from fermenting. As it stands, it deposits the remaining pulp and becomes clear: this is called the “mute must”. The larger portion of the juice is allowed to ferment. Part of this is then distilled and the rest is transformed into vinegar using the method called “pouring through shavings”: by contact with air, any fermented product will acidify – thus, by filtering the fermented liquid through the curved surfaces of wood shavings, its contact with the air is prolonged to the utmost. A small amount of mute must is added to this vinegar to soften the flavour and give it its fruity aroma, then some of the distilled juice is added to increase its strength and give it more character. With the mute must it achieves a special harmony.

Production: ca. 1.500 bottles of 0.250 lt. per year.




The fruit is grapes, and the procedure is similar to the one used for blackberry vinegar.
Both vinegars are made exclusively of fruit from the Forci estate that is sent to Paganico, near Grosseto, to the Nannoni Artigiana Distillery where it is processed and bottled.

Production: 2.000 bottles

Duration: about 2 years

Packed in: 0.250 liter bottles in cartons of six

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